Open State Foundation

Open State Foundation is an non-profit organisation that is qualified by the Netherlands tax office as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO, or in Dutch ANBI). In the Netherlands, natural and legal persons making donations to a PBO may deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax. In order to qualify as a PBO a number of conditions must be met, among them a publication duty. The information below fulfils that requirement.

Contact details

Open State Foundation
Kattenburgerstraat 5 – 002 B
1018 JA Amsterdam
Tel. 020-3080567

KvK: 02094171
BTW: NL8160.78.105.B01
BANK: NL50ABNA0490685897
RSIN: 816078105


A.A Zijlstra (chairman)
L.N. Kalshoven (general board member)
R. Brave (general board member)
S. Spaargaren (general board member)
S. Kamerling (general board member)


S. Wiemers (executive director)

Policy plans (in Dutch)

Beleidsplan 2021-2023
Beleidsplan 2018-2020
Beleidsplan 2015-2017
Beleidsplan 2013-2015
Beleidsplan 2012-2013

Annual reports (in Dutch)

2022 Inhoudelijk verslag (website) Financieel verslag
2021 Inhoudelijk verslag (website) Financieel verslag
2020 Inhoudelijk verslag Financieel verslag
2019 Inhoudelijk verslag Financieel verslag
2018 Inhoudelijk verslag Financieel verslag 
2017 Inhoudelijk verslag Financieel verslag
2016 Inhoudelijk verslag Financieel verslag
2015 Inhoudelijk verslag Financieel verslag
2014 Inhoudelijk verslag Financieel verslag
2013 Inhoudelijk verslag Financieel verslag
2012 Financieel verslag

Remuneration policy

Open State Foundation board members do not receive any remuneration for their board duties. Open State Foundation works with employees, interns, freelancers and volunteers. The salary of the employees is determined by the executive director. The most important starting points for the salary determination are: position, tasks, competence and experience. The remuneration of the executive director is determined by the board and is below the maximum set by Goede Doelen Nederland in the ‘regeling beloning directeuren van goededoelenorganisaties’. Interns receive an internship allowance.


The objective of the organisation according to the statutes of the Open State Foundation as established on March 27, 2012: The objective of the foundation is: To promote democratic transparency, accountability and participation between citizens, politics and government, and furthermore all that is directly or indirectly related to or may be conducive thereto, all in the broadest sense of the word. It tries to achieve this goal, independent of any political movement, by, among other things: a. developing information and communication technology projects related to politics and public administration; b. visiting and organising activities on politics and public administration; c. writing articles about politics and public administration, whereby the internet forms the basis for the activities of the foundation. The KVK SBI-code is 889922.