With Openspending.nl you’re able to view and compare budgets and spendings on a quarterly and annual basis of all Dutch municipalities, provinces, water boards and joint governmental arrangements. The tool enables you to compare government budget with the actual spending but also compare budgets and spendings between local and regional governments. It is also possible to benchmark budgets and spendings.

This tool re-uses data which Open State Foundation has unlocked from over 200 governments between 2013 and 2015. This resulted in 2015 in the sustainable release of all budget and spending data of all municipalities and regional governments from 2010 onwards on a quarterly basis. Local and regional governments are obliged to deliver the information to the Central Bureau of Statistics which releases it as raw open data as is. The data then is re-used by this tool. This data represent the three most aggregated levels of nine detail levels.

Included in the tool are also detailed spending data (just above transaction level) of various municipalities. To access the data itself, via Openspending.nl you can also get access to its API and download bulk detailed spending data of a number of municipalities.

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