Digital transparency is a necessity for modern democracy and rule of law. It strengthens the information position of citizens, journalists and interest groups, and even that of civil servants and politicians. This is making governments and politicians more accountable and improves public decision making. Also creating a more effective and efficient government.

Open data
From municipalities to intergovernmental organizations, all governments and political organizations produce, gather and archive information. Information like minutes of representative assemblies, bills, voting behaviour, elections results, finances, tenders, procurement and additional functions of public officials. Releasing this information as open data opens up a new world of innovation for politics and governance.

Using this open data you can build applications that monitor and track governmental policy and spending. It enables policy-makers, interest groups, journalists and citizens to analyse, benchmark, fact-check, monitor, discuss, contribute and inform. Making open governmental data the basis for innovative ways to collaborate, participate and intervene in government and politics.