Municipal and regional budgets 2018 online

Via the 2018 budgets of all municipalities and provinces in the Netherlands can be found. You can also find the release of the third quarter spending of 2017. With you can compare the budgets and expenditures of municipalities, provinces and common arrangements in the Netherlands.


In 2013 Open State Foundation started with unlocking financial data of the Amsterdam City Center. In 2014, Open State Foundation released budget and spending data of more than 200 local governments. With the support of the Dutch Ministry of the Interior, this resulted in the end of 2015 in the sustainable and structural access to open data of budgets and expenditures of all Dutch local authorities. The data is available from the year 2010 and new budgets and spendings are automatically added. Financial transparency is crucial for accountability and empowers citzens, journalists, representatives with important information. Through an API, developers can also re-use the data themselves. In 2016 Open State Foundation received for an Open Government Partnership Award.

Ranking the stars

With Openspending Lijstjes one can extract the highest and lowest expenditures of local governments. For example, you can choose between the expenses of municipalities, provinces or common arrangements. It is also possible to make a list with only the budgeted or actual expenses. In the example above, we plotted the budgeted per capita expenditure for safety and social domain.