The educational sector, government, workforce and employers can adapt to the ever faster shifting demands of modern day society by embracing digital transparency. It is the basis for more informed decisions around policy and better choices for choosing an education and planning a career. This reduces unemployment, grows the economy and enriches people’s lives.

Open data

Governments collect data from child care centers, schools to universities to monitor their performance. This data is gathered through student registrations, nation wide test results, the self reporting of schools, but also through inspection general’s surveys. For the labour market the data varies from job vacancies at individual employers to unemployment on macro economic level. Together a valuable source of innovation.


This data can be used to pick a day care or an elementary school, or to find an interesting course, study or college. Labour market data can tell which education is  frequently searched for in the labour market and even show concrete job opportunities. Policymakers can put this data to use in benchmarks and analytics for improving and evaluating policy.