Since there is an inadequate response from healths insurers, hospitals and the Netherlands Healthcare Authority (NZa) on previous calls by the Dutch Consumers’ Association and Open State Foundation to disclose the prices of medical treatments, both parties jointly launched a webtool which will help consumers collect hospital prices in the Netherlands.

Consumers who share their hospital bills, will immediately see the difference between the price their own hospital charged and the national average for the same medical treatment. Hospital bills are always in the ‘my area’ of the insurer. To help consumers find this information, an instruction movie is made together with the online crowdsource tool.

The information remains completely anonymous; no personal data is requested or processed. It is also possible to fill in multiple treatments. The only thing participants need from the ‘my area’ is hospital, treatment year, health insurance, nine-digit code of treatment and price.

In 2014 Open State Foundation started a legal procedure. Just before the end of this procedure, and the hearing at the State Council, the Dutch minister of Health, sent a letter to parliament asking the Health Authority to start a process to make this information public.

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