Municipal coalition agreements 2018-2022

Voorkant van vier coalitieakkoorden

The NOS has gathered all the municipal coalition agreements, and has shared them with us. The municipal elections were held at the 21st of March 2018. In the following months municipalities formed their coalitions. Below you can search the coalition agreements with plans for the period 2018 until 2022. Not all municipalities have finished their coalition (d.d. 5th of July 2018), when new agreements are made available they will also be published here.

The data is now available for re-use and analysis. It is also possible to compare this agreements with the agreements from the period 2014-2018. They can be found below.

Municipalities 2014-2018

Gathered by Topstukken.

Provinces 2015-2019

Looking to re-use the data? The names and locaties of the municipalities can be downloaded here  as json or csv. Access to the DocumentCloud API for municipalities 2014-2018 can be found here and municipalities 2018-2022  here. The API for provinces 2015-2019 can be found here here.