Government grants double in 2014

In 2014 Dutch ministries provided twice as much grants as in 2013. An analysis done by the Open State Foundation shows that 44.507 grants have been given to 10.993 recipients, with a total cost of 5.5 billion euro. Last week the Dutch government released its grant overview of 2014 as open data.

Most grants were provided by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (25.203). Followed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (10.911), the Ministry of Culture and Education (3.262) and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (2.871). The Ministry of Internal Affairs (76), the Ministry of Defence (24) and the Ministry of Finance (2) provided the least grants.

In total, the Ministry of Economic Affairs granted 2.1 billion Euros. The ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports follows with a total of 2.1 billion Euro granted and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spent 1.1 billion Euros on grants. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science provided 706 million Euros in grants, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (131 million Euros) and lastly Social Affairs (114 million Euros).

In 2013 the Ministries provided half less grants (21.850) but the total amount of Euros spent was slightly higher (5.7 billion Euros). In 2014 the total of recipients (10.993) was lower than in 2013 (15.671). The Ministry of Economic Affairs was the biggest provider of grants and the Ministry of Finance the least.

The recipient of the most grants (8742) is anonymous. Transport operators such as Connexxion (3465) and Willemsen De Koning Taxiservices (873) are the top recipients of grants. The largest grants were given to the Foundation of Agricultural Research (173.266.520 Euros), the CBS (155.391 million Euros), the TNO (138.851 Euros) and the Care Assessment Centre (126.577 million Euros).

These recipients are followed by development organizations such as Cordaid (87.756.376 Euros) Oxam Novib (79.968 Euros), ICCO (76.257.195 Euros) and Hivos (55.459.632 Euros). The European Space Agency received 80.219 Euros. There are no difference in the biggest recipients between 2013 and 2014.

The number of subsidy regulations varies per ministry. The Ministry of Economic Affairs wins from all the other ministries with 171 subsidy regulations. The Ministry of Defence in contrast has only one grant. The temporary settlement “Subsidy Boardcomputer Taxi” received the largest number of grants, 21.296.

Open State Foundation added the full list of grants to It is possible to search by recipient, ministry, regulation and policy article. Also a comparison can be made over several years.