App-developers in business lounge Amsterdam

Over the past years many local, regional and national app competitions in Europe have been organized and stimulated developers and companies to build new applications with open data. But it’s time to take it to the next level. And so on Saturday June 29, at the `€˜Hack de Overheid Hackathon‘ members of the Apps for Europe network open their first Business Lounge. Here’s a selection apps of developers that take the comfortable seats in the first Apps for Europe Business Lounge located at the Amsterdam City Hall this coming Saturday.

Neighborhood Alert makes it easy to find out what’s happening in your neighborhood. App developed by Andersteboven and 9 to 5 development.







Spotzi is the largest online World Atlas. It not only shows you street maps and high detail areal maps. That’s just a starter. Spotzi is developed by D-Base.







Muse-app brings art to life. Create your Work of Art, with some help from world-famous old masters. Muse-app is developed by Glimworm IT.







Vistory is an app that uses a smart phone’s geo-location technology to find out where you are and shows you what historical films were taken close by. Vistory is developed by Glimworm IT.





Finding schools is not so hard as you think. Scholenvinden is developed by Dispectu.








Lawcat is a 21st century law collection. It’s a free platform that contains Dutch laws and regulations and enables users to add and share knowledge and expertise.






Openbaar Vervoer App

Did the tram pass by already? Is the bus late? Realtime information on public transport is offered with Openbaarvervoerapp. This app is developed by Solid Links.






Open OV

OpenOv is a smartly developed API with data on public transport in the Netherlands. This application that offers a lot of developers the right data for apps. OpenOv is developed by Stefan de Konink.






Hoge Nood

Don’t waste time trying to find your way to the loo either, as once you’ve selected your nearest toilet Hoge Nood will guide you directly to it. Hoge Nood is developed by App-visie.





Give stuff a second change. iKringloop enables you to exchange second-hand goods with your neighbors, thrift shops and collectors. It brings existing pick-up/drop-off services together in a mobile and social platform to reuse things easier. iKringloop is developed by iKringloop.
Other apps included in this first Apps for Europe Business Lounge are (Glimworm IT), Openhuis App (2coolmonkeys), City Navigator (BusFaster Oy), PAC-Manchester (Foxdogs Studios), Go Board (Iodatalabs), De Nederlandse Wet (Black Envelope) en Ikregeer (

As various open data workshops are taking place next to the main hall, incubators and angel investors meet ground-breaking app developers to turn their digital services into business. The Apps for Europe Business Lounge, organised by Waag SocietyKennisland and Open State Foundation, is to support open data apps to move from concept or prototype into a business start-up.

This meet and great with experts from various incubators and angel investors among them RockstartGoogle and Startup Bootcamp prepares selected participants to apply for the Apps for Europe competition. Developers get advice in creating and commercializing apps with market potential. They enter their app, including a business model, into an annual pan-European Open Data Competition.

The Business Lounge at the Hack de Overheid Hackathon in Amsterdam is the first of a series of local business lounges that are organised in Berlin, Brussels, Ghent, Helsinki, Barcelona, Warsaw and Manchester.