Change of staff Open State Foundation

Open State Foundation ceo Wilma Haan will leave the organisation on 1st September. She has been leading the Foundation for one year and a half. From 1st September she will be deputy editor in chief of NOS.

Not all opportunities in life can be carefully planned. If so, I would have stayed for much more time with Open State Foundation to carry out a great number of ideas that keep coming into my mind. Or my notebook. Open State was (is!) a stunning adventure, an organisation with nice and smart collegues and an important mission.

However, although I am an absolute advocate of an open state and however much our mission fits with journalism, deep down I am and remain a journalist. And this journalist can’t imagine a better place than the one I am, after long deliberation, going to leave Open State for: in the heart of the Dutch news industry.

When I leave on 1st September I will look back with pride on the organisation Open State is today. And even more on the various ways in which we succeed again and again to make public authoritie more transparant and help those who use open data. Whether we do so via technical projects or hackathons, lecturing, education or promotion of interests: Open State is a friendly constractive-activist organisation.

This organisation will now try and find a new ceo. On our website you will soon be able to read th profile. No doubt the new ceo will have an extremely good time, as I had. Anyway our mission will be in the very capable hands of our great team and board.

Want to know more about the job? Mail or the president of the board Ton Zijlstra:

Photo: Stefan Heijendael