Help needed: community curation of political parties in the EU

Good news, we are expanding the PoliFLW to Europe! We need your help to do it right, though. Read on how you can help bringing political news closer to journalists and citizens. 

What is PoliFLW

PoliFLW is an interactive online platform that allows journalists and citizens to stay informed, and keep up to date with the growing group of political parties and politicians relevant to them – even those whose opinions they don’t directly share. 

By aggregating the news political parties share on their website PoliFLW makes finding hyperlocal, national and European political news relevant to the individual far easier. 

Right now, we are at the stage where we want to expand from beyond the Netherlands by adding news shared by parties in the European Parliament and national parties in all EU member states, showcasing what it can mean for access to information in Europe. 

Plus, there will be a built-in translation function, making it easier to read news across country borders. 

Two small cardboard robots being happy
Photo by Matan Segev from Pexels

Why we need your help

We have found 268 relevant parties to include in the European version PoliFLW. We found them through Wikipedia, election websites and some good old fashioned internet search. But we want to know whether we have them all and whether we have the right location for their news sources, before we built scrapers to get news from the wrong sites. That is where you come in. 

How you can help

We created a handy way (if we do say so ourselves) for you to check whether we have the correct information for the country you know the political parties from. You can find the handy document here. Depending on how many national political parties your country has, you can be done within 5 minutes, or it can take to up to 20 minutes. You are not obligated to do the whole country, and can take a break at any time. 

You would really help us out here, so please – check whether we have the right information. This will help journalists, researchers and concerned citizens across the EU stay up to date with political news.