Research: provincial representatives complain about one-sided information

Members of the Provincial Estates find that the information they use to do their work is one-sided. This is the result of a survey with 86 elected provincial representatives, conducted by Wallaart & Kusse Public Affairs and Open State Foundation in the wake of the provincial election of March 20 2019.

This English article is a summary of the Dutch version.

Key findings of the research:

  • 40% of the representatives would like to hear a wider variety of voices from the society;
  • 60% of the representatives say they see a small group of spokespeople multiple times;
  • 50% of the representatives would like to see more balanced information in their official information system;
  • 25% of the representatives complain about the search-functionality of their official information system;
  • 33% of the representatives say that they are hardly in touch with interest representatives.

Find the full research in Dutch via this link.