Ton Zijlstra new chairman of Open State Foundation

Ton Zijlstra will be the new chairman of the board of Open State Foundation. Ton Zijlstra has been connected with Open State from 2008 when he organized the first Dutch barcamp on open government the second edition of this barcamp was the first real Hack de Overheid meeting, one of the predecessors of Open State Foundation. Ton has worked on open data topics in the Netherlands and abroad and worked on an external review of Open State Foundation in 2017.

Ton is the successor of Stef van Grieken, one of the founders of the organization. Stef has been working in the United States for some time and the physical distance and business of the job made it a challenge to still be chairman. Open State Foundation is thankful to Stef for his enormous contribution to the organization and is looking forward to work with Ton Zijlstra.

Members of the Open State Foundation board