Hack de Overheid community on Slack

Hack de Overheid + Slack

You might know that Open State Foundation has its roots in Hack de Overheid, a community that organized hackathons to open up the government since 2008, and Stichting Het Nieuwe Stemmen, a foundation that made tools to close the gap between citizens and the government since 2006. As you can see there currently isn’t a lot of activity on As the Open State Foundation we obviously post mainly on and related channels which caused the Hack de Overheid community website to receive less content. We still think that there is a lot of value in a community made for and by everybody interested in open data, open government and digital transparency! We created a Slack that is open for everyone to make the communication within this community more accessible:

Join the Hack de Overheid Slack

The main language will probably be Dutch as most people are in the Slack are Dutch, but feel free to speak English as most people understand it just fine :).

So, do you use open data? Do you work within government with or on open data? Are you a data or investigative journalist? Do you do research or work professionally with open data? Or do you want to know more about open data and government? Then join and contribute to the conversation.

Think of the following:

  • Conversation about open data; how does this API work? Is this data available somewhere?
  • Share your ideas, developments or events about digital transparency and open government.
  • Find collaborations and tips to make data (better) available.
  • Show your open data projects!
  • And more! Hack de Overheid is made for and by the community so everybody is invited to shape it! Create a channel on Slack for a subject that matters to you, or ask for a WordPress account for to write a blogpost.

We would love to see you on the Hack de Overheid Slack!

Do you have any questions? Then send us a message via our contact form or of course via the Hack de Overheid Slack :).