Open State requests Dutch Electoral Council open data results recent elections

The Dutch Electoral Council manages the Database Election Results and publishes data of election results on municipal level. The election results of the March 2017 Parliamentary elections have not yet been published because not all municipalities have provided their information.

This while in some municipalities counting of votes have been lost and because for accountability these data are indispensable. In addition, the data is also relevant for voter turnout activities in the run-up to the upcoming municipal elections in 2018.

Since the Dutch Electoral Council already received voting results from a large number of municipalities, it is not necessary for the Electoral Council to wait with publishing the data.

Therefore, Open State Foundation submitted a FOIA request to the Electoral Council to release this data immediately on the basis of the FOI law and the law for the re-use of government information.

In the request, Open State Foundation asks the Electoral Council to disclose all voting results already received from the March 2017 parliamentary elections at the level of polling stations (by political party and candidate). This should be possible because in the past results of the polls (in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2015) were published as open data by polling station.