Transparency asked on current status government information and ICT management

With an appeal under the current Dutch Freedom of Information Act (Wob), Open State Foundation has requested all data that underpin an impact analysis of the new transparency law that currently is being discussed in the Dutch Senate.

At the end of last year, senior civil servants of the government concluded that the new transparency law adopted by the House of Representatives would lead to high costs. The officials came to the conclusion that government information and government systems are not equipped for modern digital transparency. The bill, adopted a year ago by the House of Representatives, provides for active public disclosure. The law is now for deliberation in the Senate.

Open State Foundation, assisted by FOIA expert Brenno de Winter, requests inter alia unpublished documents, underlying research data, analyzes and calculations that relate to the impact analysis conducted by the senior civil servants of ABDTOPConsult. Also information has been sought on government information management and the state of ICT at various government organizations, services, executive agencies that have actively contributed to the impact analysis with own quick scans and other government organizations that have provided information for the impact assesement.

This pieces of government information are important to provide insights to the current state of information management and status of ICT systems of the government, changes that occurred in response to the parliamentary research on government ICT projects (2014) and could provide a possible zero measurement for the future government coalition.