Politwoops 101

More than ever before politicians make use of social media during election campaigns. Facebook is popular but especially in debates on radio and TV, including Friday and Sunday, Twitter is proving still popular. Sometimes politicians regret a message and delete such a message. With the newly launched version of Politwoops you can find deleted Twitter messages from politicians in a simple way. In this blogpost we will show you how you can use Politwoops.

There is a search bar where you can search for politicians or issues. Since January 2017 we archive deleted tweets of 768 candidates in the Dutch elections and 133 accounts of current Dutch MPs. You can choose to search the deleted messages from all politicians or only messages from the candidates for the parliamentary elections.

Are you looking for what candidates have posted instead of deleted, you can simply use the search of Twitter itself by typing [subject] list:OpenStateEU/TK2017 in the search bar. To quickly find tweets posted by the candidates you can also use this:


In the results screen you can filter in the left column. For example, you can filter the search results there at the time between placing and removing. Typos are often quite quickly removed. By opting to filter for a longer time, for example, an hour, you who are largely filter out. You can also filter by party or group as a parliament.

The chart shows the number of deleted tweets per party over a period. You can adjust the period, for example over the last month, week or day. If you click on a party you see the total conduct of that party.


Back to the home screen you can see the number of deleted tweets on the total number tweets. Here you will see a list which parties relatively remove most. You can also see the absolute number of deleted tweets by politicians or candidates. Moreover, you can see which politician removes the fastest tweets and whether men or women remove the most. You can also see which days the most tweets are placed and on which day most are removed. And you can see what hashtags most used in placed and deleted tweets.