Dutch TenderNed opens procurement as open data

After TenderNed started in March 2016 with publishing Dutch open contracting data the data didn’t include the names of companies awarded and the amounts. As of today, the datasets from 2010 to 2015 are updated with procurement data of the first half of 2016 in addition with data about the value of the procurement and the names of awarded companies.

Update 22-07-16: TenderNed has removed the data temporarily from their website because of an update. Next week the new and updated data will be made available. We have adjusted this post and will update it as soon as TenderNed has updated the data.

Data enriched

PIANOo, a knowledge network for government procurement officers and contracting authorities, will enrich the data with selection and award criteria and information on plots. The datasets will be updated every six months. The datasets can be found via the website of TenderNed.

Accountability Hack

You can extract a lot of information from this data. Soon, we’ll post a datablog on these sets on Accountability Hack, a hackathon that will take place on 9 September 2016 at the General Court of Audit in The Hague.