Risk profiles child care locations Amsterdam

This map shows the risk profiles of child care locations in Amsterdam. In the window you can jump to inspection reports by the public health agency of the city of Amsterdam. Green are given to child care locations when there are no concerns so that those locations are less intensively inspected. Red means that there are concerns and that a location needs to be inspected more intensively. For this, regulators use so-called risk profiles. The color corresponds to the extent to which an inspection is required. A green location does not often have to be inspected while the color red indicates the need for a regular visit. Open State Foundation in cooperation with het Ministerie voor het Kind have opened the data for the city of Amsterdam.

Risicoprofielen op jaar doorzoekbaar

In March, a majority of the Dutch parliament passed a motion stating that these risk profiles should be public. Through active disclosure of the risk profiles child care centers will be encouraged to improve their performance and parents can make a more informed choice of a particular child care organization. In addition, disclosure of risk contributes to clarify the method of supervisors and the way they draw conclusions about risks and quality.

The parliament now wants to investigate before September 1, in what way parents can better understand the quality of childcare institutions. In addition, it wants to look at how municipalities can be encouraged to publish existing data. Providing insight into the risk profiles also forms part of the new supervision of childcare. It is working on a public and transparent quality assessment inspection on providers of childcare.


The data can be found on Open State’s Github.