Transparency healthcosts refused

The district court of Amsterdam ruled today that the Netherlands Health Authority could keep secret all information related to declared health costs and tarifs of health products. The court upheld the decision made by the Netherlands Health Authority in the FOIA request by Open State Foundation.

Open State Foundation will now bring the case to the administrative jurisdiction division of the Council of State, the highest general administrative court in the Netherlands.

On November 22, 2014, Open State Foundation filed the grounds of appeal with the court in Amsterdam over the disclosure of data on declared healthcare costs as open data.

Earlier this year, Open State Foundation filed a complaint against the decision taken by DBC Informatie Systeem (DIS) on its FOIA request for declared health care products, by care product, per month, per healthcare provider and hospital tariffs and the prices charged by healthcare providers.

Open State Foundation made the request for this information to be disclosed in a machine-readable format or made as raw data available. The Netherlands Health Authority decided not to unlock data on health costs on the basis that these data are confidential.

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