Hackingforsustainability: App competition with natural capital data

What innovative and creative applications are possible with data about our natural capital? The term covers all the services provided to us by nature. It puts at your fingertips information about the status of natural capital in the Netherlands and about how we can use natural capital better and more sustainably.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment unlocks with its website Atlas Natural Capital data about air quality, water retention and green recreational areas. This allows the status of natural capital in the Netherlands a role to play in day-to-day life.

What happens when you combine data from the coastal protection management with live data from the The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute? This data might be pretty handy to receive a warning at the moment there is a risk for flooding. Or ever thought about how clean the air is in the area where you want to buy a house? How green is the environment of its surroundings?

With data from Atlas Natural Capital it will become possible to develop apps that will bring you that information.

Meetup – 4 November 2015

Do you have a great idea how to put to use natural capital data? Or do you want to exchange ideas? On Wednesday 5 November, Open State Foundation organizes a meetup for developers and other interested persons. Join us and be inspired.

App competition

Do you want to take up the challenge and bring this to a higher level and put your ideas forward in a competition? You can join the ANK app competition. The challenge is to create innovative and creative apps. The data from the Atlas Natural Capital is already available as open data. In the coming months more data will be unlocked.

Deadline and jury

Developers can join the app competition until Sunday 13 December 2015 and send their apps by filling the form. The apps will be judged by a panel of experts. Participants can pitch their apps on 17 December (ovb) before the panel and the winners will be announced immediately after.

For more information, please contact corline at openstate dot eu and via @openstateEU, #hackingforsustainability and the website

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