Recap GCCS-Unplugged

On the 17th of April Open State Foundation organized GCCS-Unplugged, an unconference for a free and open Internet.During 22 sessions organized by participants they spoke among others on access to information, the role of Internet Intermediaries, online protection of journalists and whistleblowers, open source and privacy.

During lunch, visitors were surprised by the arrival of Vint Cerf, the `€˜father of the internet’, who in 1973 developed the archicture of what later became the Internet. He stressed that the Internet should be kept open and that the Internet is built on standards and respect for human rights. The afternoon was completed by the participants with sessions on encryption, transparency, copyright in the digital age and the role of civil society and the next 2 billion Internet users. You can follow and still contribute to the conversation via etherpads in the sessions.