Insight in your job opportunities with Vooruitzicht

The app Vooruitzicht won the Challenge School and Future. Ties de Kock received the 6000-euro price from the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker. The four runner-ups went home with a price of 3.500 euro to further develop their apps. With this final we concluded the Challenges started in November.


The Open State Foundation organized the Challenge School and Future on behalf of the Ministry of Education. On one hand youngsters have trouble finding a job. On the other hand employers find it difficult to hire the perfect fit for their vacancies. Therefore programmers were asked to develop apps to improve the connection between education and finding a job. The seven participating teams all contributed in the search for a solution for this problem.

The winning app: Vooruitzicht

Ties de Kock won the Challenge with his app Vooruitzicht (prospect). It is about the process of choosing an education direction. With the app you do not only choose which study you like, but it also shows the job opportunities. Vooruitzicht combines different data sources to look with a different perspective at the choice of a study direction. `€œThere has never been made such an accessible overview of this information.`€ Says one of the jurors.

From study choice to solicitation apps

The Challenge School and Future yielded good ideas and apps that improve the connection between education and employment. Below you see an overview:

SOOSI is developed by students of the Avans Hogeschool of Den Bosch and introduces a new way of applying for a job. With the app you can make a video fragment instead of a letter.

– Vooruit met je toekomst is an app that finds you jobs based on education and location. Jobs that match with your education are then presented on a map.

Jobtease presented an app in which you can apply for a job with a video fragment. Also other applicants can give you feedback on your video, even when the company did not choose you for the job.

– The app outlines the path from elementary school to job. The app shows which subjects to choose in high school in order to gain access to the study that eventually will give access to your dream job. It is also possible to jump in halfway in your education pathway. The app can also help you choose a master.

Jobsgenie presented an app that easily filters job openings on relevant criteria fitting with de job in question.

LinkingSkills analyses vacancies on skills. These skills are compared with the skills students present on LinkedIn. When they miss skills, they are offered short tasks at companies. This way they can obtain the needed skills.

Ties de Kock, as well as the other contestants indicated that they will further develop their apps.