No substantial growth of Dutch government open data portal

The Dutch government does not seem to use it’s own open data portal. If it does, it would have found that 14 percent of the datasets it released are not accessible because they contain no working links. This is the conclusion of a test done by Open State Foundation.

Recently the Dutch government released an upgrade of its open data portal ( This national open data portal consists of 3,623 datasets of the Central Bureau of Statistics and 2,560 datasets of the National Georegistry and 345 datasets from government departments, municipalities and other governmental agencies. The quality has been improved compared to our study last year but still not all links are working. One-third (888) of all links to the datasets National Georegistry is not working. The Central Bureau of Statistics scores best in quality, all links are working. Of the remaining 345 datasets, links to 31 datasets (8.9%) are not working.

brokenlinksLittle substantial growth data of government departments

There are only a few datasets of the largest government departments on the government open data portal. Also local and regional governments have not find their way to the national government open data portal. Excluding 16 datasets of the European Commission, there are only 329 datasets of government departments, local governments and other government agencies. Half of the datasets are from the government departments and 141 datasets from only 13 cities can be found on this open data portal.


The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science leads the list (61%). This is mainly caused by the 46 datasets of Education Service. The Ministry of Interior, the coordinating department for open data, added this year 10 new datasets to the portal. The Ministry of Health, one of the largest departments, has only 6 datasets linked from the portal. The departments of Social Affairs and Employment and Security and Justice do not have a single open dataset registered.

De test results can be found at