Register now for GCCS-Unplugged

Join GCCS-Unplugged, organised by Open State Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Have your say on the future of the internet. You decide the agenda, suggest topics and build solutions together.

It will take place on Friday April 17, 2015, from 9am to 7pm at the Worldhotel Bel Air, in The Hague, the Netherlands on the final day of the Global Conference on CyberSpace 2015. This collaborative and informal experience is perfect for you if you have good knowledge of the internet, online freedom, digital transparency, cyber security, start-ups, development through tech or other related topics that will shape the future of the net.

During this community-driven experience, you will come together with your fellow participants to share skills, learn what has worked, exchange ideas and practices, build plans and do some coding throughout the day. You will set the day’s agenda on the spot during the first session of this spontaneous and timely event. GCCS-Unplugged will be an exceptionally productive day in which you define problems, develop plans, and create solutions.

We will help participants build the agenda, enable participation and to get the most from the day.

You can register and suggest a session even before you start, here! But you can also take your time and suggest sessions and topics to discuss on the day of the event itself, it is completely flexible. Participation is limited to around 200 people at any one time `€“ first come, first served.

GCCS-Unplugged is an official side-event to the Global Conference on CyberSpace on 16-17 April at walking distance to our open event, allowing participants of the GCCS to mingle with NGO’s, civic tech developers, students, businesses, academics and civil society.

GCCS-Unplugged is organised by Open State Foundation in cooperation with theMinistry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.