21,850 subsidies sortable and searchable

With all 21,850 Dutch government grants awarded in 2013 by various ministries are made openly searchable.

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At you can find on the recipient of government subsidies and you can view grants by each ministry, regulation and policy article. In addition, a network graph shows how grant recipients are related to various government departments.

In 2013, government departments provided 21,850 grants. Most subsidies were provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (7553), Education, Culture and Science (3833), Infrastructure and the Environment (3535), Foreign Affairs (3416) and the Ministry of Health (3025). The Ministry of the Interior (200), Social Affairs and Employment (150) and Security and Justice (107) provided less subsidies.

The Department of Defense provided 28 recipients with grants, mostly to institutions working for veterans and one large grant (8 million euro) to the Military History Museum in Delft. Most recipients were found in the subsidy Teachers Scholarship (2704), the Sustainable Energy incentive (2339), Rail (1,908), the subsidy Internship Care (1557) and the subsidy Emmissie Reduction devices for vehicles (1,083).

These grants were provided to 15,671 total recipients, of which 540 are anonymous and 133 unknown. Talis housing (213), the municipality of Heerhugowaard (149), Wageningen University (124) and housing associations Woongoed Go (116) and Stichting Ymere (116) received the most number of subsidies. However, the size of these grants are quite different,

The Ministries of Economic Affairs (1.8 billion), Health, Welfare and Sport (1.2 billion) and foreign affairs (1.1 billion) spent in 2013, the most in subsidies. The largest grants went to Foundation Agricultural Research Service (166 million), TNO (164 million), Care Assessment Centre (104 million), Cordaid (83 million) and Oxfam Novib (83 million).

The data comes from Here are downloadable in ODS and xls format. For we put all the data in one file that can be downloaded in json format.