Common arrangements, partnerships between governments, there are many types and sizes in the Netherlands. These legal arangements are used to organise waste treatment, employment or safety. Local representatives complain about the lack of transparency and accountability in these schemes. With OpenGR we open this black box.

Number of members per agreement


Number of arrangements per municipality



Network of arrangements and members

Budgets and Annual Accounts

Network of sub-local divisions and regions


The data unlocked can be found on Open State Foundation’s Github. Here you can find the data that was retrieved after a formal FOIA and re-use request of the information from regional authorities. We also have published the data (after a re-use request of government data) that forms the basis of On this website the government collects sublocal cooperations and regional divisions but no information on common arrangements. The budgets and annual accounts can be found via DocumentCloud’s API. Ofcourse, you guessed it, the data was not in a machine readable open format.