hack de valse start
Inequalities among young people are still increasing, despite the fact that Dutch education is of a high level. This is evident from reports of the Education Inspectorate. Inequality of opportunity is not only an issue in education but also when it comes to access to the labor market. There is, however, no single cause for the rising inequality of opportunities: it is a combination of many causes.

That is why education, governments, schools and young people are joining forces to reverse increasing divisions. Is it possible to get a better picture with the use of open data from different sources, so that inequality can be better identified and tackled? To answer these questions, developers, data analysts, policy makers and students come together on 3 March 2018 during the hackathon Hack de Valse Start.

Together they try to gain more insight into why some young people start their life with a false start. By bringing people from different layers of society together for an entire day, the potential of open data is better utilised. Participants will be challenged to make applications and analyses that give a different view of the inequality among young people.

Hack de Valse Start is organised by the City of Amsterdam, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Open State Foundation and Young Creators. The hackathon takes place on 3 March 2018 at the Calvijn College in Amsterdam.


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