Advice for the newly elected provincial officials: make transparency a priority


More and more governments. including provinces, share government data as open data. That is public information that is reusable for new purposes such as analysis, visualization or use in apps. Open Data can help the work of the members of the States-Provincial and other politicians, as well as come in handy for research journalists, or companies that want to make innovative products with government data.

After last weeks’ election of the States-Provincial we would like to give the (new) members of the States-Provincial four pieces of advice (read more detail in the Dutch version of this article).

  1. Appoint a chief information officer;
  2. Make information about States-Provincial available as open data;
  3. Put effort in making the provincial high value data available;
  4. Make open mobility data a priority.

Do you want to know more about how we can make Dutch provinces more open? Contact Open State Foundation.