Dutch digital civic organisations do urgent call on new government

In today’s information society knowledge about internet politics is crucial in the coming years. That is why six leading Dutch digital civic organisations call on a new government to set up an inter-ministerial digital top team so that government, citizens and businesses are prepared for new technological developments and to enable the government to implement clear, consistent policies based on human rights and innovation.

In a letter (PDF-Dutch) to the negotiating political parties, Bits of Freedom, Internet Society Netherlands, Kennisland, Netwerk Democratie, Open State Foundation and Waag Society call for a government that protect digital rights, at least by not introducing any legislation that would weaken digital encryption. They recommend to ensure that a new government thrives for digital transparency in which active disclosure and open data are the basis and the right to information can be enforced.

In addition, the civic organisations said that a new government has a task to modernise copyright so that it meets the requirements of the digital age. For all this requires investment in knowledge, awareness and skills related to digital technology so that the government can quickly anticipate new developements and people are technology-wise.