Arjan El Fassed new CEO Open State Foundation

We have great news to announce. Arjan El Fassed (@arjanelfassed) has been appointed as CEO of the Open State Foundation by our board. Our organisation is growing rapidly and we look forward to put Open Data further on the agenda of governments and work with communities and society on realizing the benefits of this form of social innovation.

One of our first ambitions is to empower community heroes, staff, board, interns and freelancers to become as effective as they can be. We will be rolling out a personal development program for this in the coming months.

But more importantly we’ll be accelerating our community efforts to provide more value for everybody in the open data field. On this website we will be documenting current successful accounts of open data efforts in the Netherlands, so proven tools and methodologies can dissemenate further accross the globe.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.