The accounts of governments should be open and accessible to everyone. Unlocking and standardizing financial data of governments ensures that everyone has direct insight into financial information.



Diplomats may think their deleted Twitter messages are gone for good. Diplotwoops screens deleted messages by diplomats and embassies around the world. A database of diplomats’ tweets, lost and found.



Politwoops publishes all politicians’ deleted tweets. Making sure all politicians’ deleted tweets don’t get lost in the ether. A tool to help keep track of deleted tweets by politicians.

BikeCityGuide and Nostalgeo announced as first winners Apps for Europe

BikeCityGuide and Nostalgeo which make use of open data to guide cyclists around cities and combine old postcards with contemporary street views have been announced as the first winners of Apps for Europe – the first pan-European open data app competition.

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Dutch Court of Audit opens its spending

Last week, the Court of Audit in the Netherlands published its revenue and expenditures as open data. The Court of Audit contributes with this to and stimulates open spending with other government bodies.

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Local governments profit from open data

The turnout in the Dutch local council elections has achieved a new record low. Now local political parties are negotiating their next term. It is important that transparency and open data become an important part of these negotiations.

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Open Data: stop making a mess of it

All across the world governments are releasing increasingly more open data.  Developers still end up frustrated putting open data to proper use.

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