Open Cultuur Data

The Open Culture Data API offers an infrastructure to collect, search and re-use combined open culture datasets of Dutch cultural heritage organisations.


The accounts of governments should be open and accessible to everyone. Unlocking and standardizing financial data of governments ensures that everyone has direct insight into financial information.



Diplomats may think their deleted Twitter messages are gone for good. Diplotwoops screens deleted messages by diplomats and embassies around the world. A database of diplomats’ tweets, lost and found.

Seminar: De impact van open

Op 28 oktober organiseren Netwerk Democratie, Waag Society, Open State Foundation, Bits of Freedom, Kennisland in het Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken het seminar ‘De Impact van Open’. Tijdens deze dag onderzoeken we de positie van de burger in de praktijk van de informatiesamenleving.

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Government wide data inventory ready in spring 2015

The Dutch government has decided to do a government wide data inventory and publish its results in spring 2015. The coordinating minister for open data in the Netherlands wrote this today in a letter to Open State Foundation.

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NZA still declines to disclose healthcare costs

The Netherlands Health Authority has declined a request by Open State Foundation over the disclosure of data on all declared healthcare costs per healthcare provider. Open State Foundation decided to take the lack of health care costs transparency to court.

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Winners Dutch Open Hackathon announced

The Dutch Open Hackathon announced the following winners after an event this weekend of over 30 hours and with 360 registered participants

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