Open Cultuur Data

The Open Culture Data API offers an infrastructure to collect, search and re-use combined open culture datasets of Dutch cultural heritage organisations.


The accounts of governments should be open and accessible to everyone. Unlocking and standardizing financial data of governments ensures that everyone has direct insight into financial information.



Diplomats may think their deleted Twitter messages are gone for good. Diplotwoops screens deleted messages by diplomats and embassies around the world. A database of diplomats’ tweets, lost and found.

Energylabels municipalities

In the Netherlands homes and other buildings must have an energy label when they are being sold or rented. We looked at the energylabels of municipal offices in the Netherlands.

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Unlock local basic democratic information as open data

Dutch municipalities and provinces should urge their suppliers to release their democratic information as open data.

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Open data challenge: education, internships and jobs

Youth unemployment. It is hard to find the right internship or job. How to match the right education, internships and jobs? Enter open data.

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Appeal Open State over disclosure healthcare costs to court Amsterdam

On November 22, 2014, Open State Foundation filed the grounds of appeal with the court in Amsterdam over the disclosure of data on declared healthcare costs as open data.

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